Act Now for South Carolina’s Prosperity


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Our public officials listen more to their constituents when it’s election season. Voter’s voices can send them a message that our economy hinges on a crucial factor: the economic vitality of our transportation system, specifically, the trucking industry.
Trucking is the primary mode for propelling our state’s growth, sustaining its economic competitiveness. In this environment of rising operating and insurance costs, the state’s leaders must recognize the significance that good, fair, sustainable economic policy has on locally-owned truck operations. These folks foster job opportunities and fortify our local and state economies, but they must be able to compete.
How can you help? Start by contacting your legislators. We need South Carolinians’ voices across the state to call on them to help “sustain our supply chain.” Your voice is powerful and can provide support to protect and sustain their viability.
Act now to make an impact before the candidate filing period closes on March 29.



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