‘Catastrophic’ supply chain risk


As Biden pushes green energy policies, trucking companies have warned of new challenges facing not only the industry but also the overall economy.
During an interview on FOX Business’ “The Big Money Show,” JKC Trucking co-owner Mike Kucharski explained that while he supports the integration of green energy, new EPA regulations are “extremely frustrating” and cautioned that technology could come at a “catastrophic” price.
He warned that the trucking industry is particularly susceptible to the consequences of pushing electric vehicles “too fast with little testing and data.”
“Electric trucks, No. 1, are too expensive, and this technology is being pushed through way, way too fast with little testing and data,” he shared.
“Truckers need proven technology, because if technology fails, the entire supply chain will be dead in the water. Failure is not merely inconvenient, it’s catastrophic. And this is not an option, especially for the food supply chain of America.”
In April 2023, the Biden White House announced aggressive regulations for tailpipe emissions as part of its sweeping climate agenda and efforts to push Americans to buy electric vehicles (EVs).
4 Kucharski called the new EPA regulations “extremely frustrating.” Getty Images
The tailpipe emissions regulations will impact light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles alike. The new standards for heavy-duty trucks, specifically, aim to reduce carbon emissions for trucks beginning with model year 2027.
The April restrictions come on the heels of regulations on nitrogen oxide pollution which raised similar concerns for small business truckers.
“The issues that we’re having with the trucks, with the heavy trucks, No. 1, this mandate is brand-new technology, and I support green energy. But it’s extremely frustrating because I don’t agree with the EPA. Because these regulations are not practical,” Kucharski said.
4 JKC Trucking’s Mike Kucharski warned new EPA regulations could be catastrophic if implemented too fast. Fox Business
4 Kucharski outlined five major concerns regarding the electric trucks. SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
He went on to list the five major issues with EV trucks.
“Number one, costs are astronomical. Too expensive. Two, infrastructure – power grid not ready, not enough charging stations. Three, testing and data is being done right now. We need more testing data.”
“Four, driving range or range anxiety is real. Long-distance driving truck range for electric trucks is not practical. And then five, less cargo capacity due to the weight of the batteries. This will cause less goods and less foods delivered to the American people.”
4 One major concern is long-distance driving, which Kucharski calls impractical. MediaNews Group via Getty Images
As a supporter of green energy, Kucharski said a hybrid vehicle is a good option for those looking to integrate new regulations while also maintaining the integrity of the trucking industry.
“Truckers need an affordable hybrid truck, as you say, with two power system. Because if one shuts down or breaks, the other one continues,” he said.
FOX Business’ Bailee Hill contributed to this report.



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