CNX proposes $1.5B hydrogen fuels plant at Pittsburgh airport


CNX Resources (NYSE:CNX) unveiled plans Wednesday to build a $1.5B hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels plant at Pittsburgh International Airport it said will propel the aviation sector’s decarbonization goals, lower transportation costs and create supply chain efficiencies.
CNX (CNX) and partner KeyState Energy said they signed a letter of intent to develop the project if the U.S. Department of Treasury enables a pathway for ultra-low carbon intensity fugitive coal mine methane under the 45V Hydrogen Production Tax Credit.
The plant would produce hydrogen exclusively, reaching up to 68K metric tons/year, or SAF exclusively, up to 70M gal/year, or manufacture both products simultaneously at lower varying individual volumes and customized to meet specific demands.
CNX (CNX) could draw natural gas from below the airport, and it has the rights to capture methane from coal mines in northern Appalachia; methane from operating and shuttered coal mines normally is vented straight into the atmosphere.
Climate change activists are opposed to tax credits for coal mine methane and other fossil fuels.



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