Dorchester County creates survey for input on future transportation policies


SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) – Dorchester County wants the community’s help in shaping the future of transportation in the county.
The Dorchester County government has launched an initiative to enhance the way you move around its towns and streets.
It’s called the Complete Streets Survey, and it’s not just about roads; it’s about involving you in creating safer, more accessible streets for everyone.
Officials say you usually see these policies implemented in bigger towns, but as the county continues to grow, they want to get a head start.
This survey is an open call to residents, businesses, and stakeholders to actively engage in this initiative.
This survey is your chance to contribute to the development of transportation policies that reflect the needs of this growing community.
Complete the streets aims to create policies that design streets to accommodate all forms of transportation.
Designs may vary depending on the area and what is needed.
David Chinnis, the Chairman of the Dorchester County Council planning, billing, and development committee explained what changes the community could possibly see from these policies.
“In the end, basically, speed kills so a lot of what complete the streets does is slow traffic to the point that there’ll be more crosswalks and things like that to allow people to safely crossing that are better signalized there will be protected bike lanes in some cases”, Chinnis said.
In addition to the survey, Community members are also invited to the second Complete Streets Workshop tonight from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
It’s happening at the St. George Rosenwald School which is located at 205 Ann St. in St. George.
The survey is set to close on Monday November 27.
To learn more about Complete Streets or if you are interested in participating in the survey click here.
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