Footings of old Rocheport Bridge to be blasted, drivers asked to avoid area around blast time


Interstate 70 will be closed for up to an hour Sunday morning for crews to blast the footings of the old Rocheport Bridge, which is set to happen at 8:00 a.m.
The Missouri Department of Transportation is asking travelers to avoid I-70 in that area from 7:30 to 9:30 Sunday morning, according to a press release.
For the safety of motorists, the demo team, and the new bridge, a perimeter around the blast area will be closed and secured during and right after the blast.
While most of the blast will be underwater, MoDot is taking extra safety precautions. Traffic on I-70 will be closed in both directions right before the blast.
After the blast, crews will inspect the new westbound bridge to clear out any debris from the blast before resuming traffic, which could take up to an hour.
If weather becomes an issue, the bridge blast will either be delayed or rescheduled.
Last Sunday, the piers of the old Rocheport bridge were demolished, however, MoDot did not inform the public, which caused a lot of confusion for residents in the area. They had heard the loud blast and had no idea what it was due to the lack of information sent.
However, Project Director Mike Schupp said it was a routine procedure, hence why the public was not notified, but residents still would have liked a heads up.
He also said they have done over 30 explosions on the bridge project to date.
Construction of the new Eastbound bridge has already begun. The $220 million project is set to be completed with both bridges open in December 2024.


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