Former transportation official pleads guilty to offering bribe to Illinois senator


After losing his $83.3 million defamation case against columnist E. Jean Carroll last month and facing down an even bigger penalty in his civil fraud case where New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking $370 million in damages — Trump’s reportedly hamstrung to be able to creatively move money around unlike the past.
“He cannot move around his properties like Monopoly pieces anymore,” legal analyst Lisa Rubin said while she appeared on an MSNBC panel. “He doesn’t have that freedom.”
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Rubin noted that the 45th president is up against a 30-day deadline to front some of the funds while he appeals the Carroll matter, where he was found liable for defaming and sexually accosting her in the mid-1990s inside of a Bergdorf Goodman department store dressing room.
Trump had continued ridiculing Carroll, calling her a “liar” and saying that “she’s not my type.”
Judge Lewis Kaplan, who ruled from the bench in the Carroll case, denounced any call for a mistrial in an order filed on Wednesday, saying it “made no sense” and that approving it “would have been entirely pointless.”
Rubin said that forced Trump to pay up either in full or partially through a bond.
“Either he posts the judgment himself and puts it essentially in an escrow account with the court with some interest for E. Jean Carroll to get if she prevails upon appeal or alternatively he can find a company akin to an insurer to do that for him and he would make a down payment to that company of 10% to 20% and also give them some real collateral, a building, perhaps, maybe something else,” she said.
But since Trump’s businesses are at the behest of an independent monitor in the civil fraud case, where if Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Engoron rules against him, it could bar him from doing business in the Empire State, Trump is more limited.
“This is where Donald Trump’s legal fortunes all converging are to his disadvantage,” said Rubin.
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