Hazmat trucks may again roll over Ambassador Bridge to Canada after 30-year ban


According to a motion filed by District Attorney Fani Willis on Wednesday, Floyd should have his bail revoked because he publicly challenged other witnesses.
“On November 6, 2023, the Defendant participated in a video-recorded and widely disseminated interview on the Conservative Daily [podcast],” the motion says. “During the interview, the Defendant discussed the facts of case and communicated indirectly to codefendant and witness Jenna Ellis by discussing her guilty plea, in violation of conditions of release.”
On Wednesday, Mueller investigation prosecutor Andrew Weissmann appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” calling out the punishment of one person for breaking the terms of bail while Trump potentially skirts away scot-free.
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“I do think though that the bigger picture here when I was reading this, as much as there is very clear evidence of direct or indirect communications and intimidating statements — both of which are prohibited by the terms of bail under which Mr. Floyd was released — is that it largely pales in comparison to what defendant Donald Trump has done in this case, and in D.C.”
As it stands, Trump has managed to freeze gag orders in both his $250 million civil fraud case in New York City and also in Washington D.C. where he is being criminally charged for federal election interference case.
An appeals court is expected to listen to oral arguments next week.
Weissmann said that comparison to Floyd’s alleged actions while free on bail versus those of Trump’s are staggering.
What struck him most was how Willis’ motion to revoke bail was “brought with respect to Mr. Floyd” and only him.
“But it’s hard to see how you bring it against Mr. Floyd and not against Donald Trump, with the threat and a risk of violence is far greater based upon the words that he has used.”
Watch the interview below or click the link here.


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