Here’s how Boston dressed up as Boston this Halloween


Entertainment Here’s how Boston dressed up as Boston this Halloween The T, a sports ‘hero,’ and a certain slide are all represented.
For better or for worse — actually, it’s probably for the better — none of the MBTA lines caught fire this year. So, good for the people who would have otherwise had to jump off a burning train car, but bad for anyone looking forward to another viral T-based Halloween costume.
That said, the MBTA in particular and transportation in general seemed to still be the main muse when it came to Boston-themed Halloween costumes this year. Parking tickets, Boston traffic, even Storrowing — plus dressing up as everyone’s favorite T lines — all made their way into local Halloween parties this year.
Boston, where we turn all our parking tickets into a Halloween costume.
🧡 — Only In Boston (@OnlyInBOS) October 30, 2023
Over the weekend, we were at SomerStreets: Monster Mash in @SomervilleCity, talking with residents about their ideas to improve the Boston region’s transportation system. We saw some creative transportation-related Halloween costumes, including this one: — Boston Region MPO (@BostonRegionMPO) October 23, 2023
My wife Laura, son Leo, and I honored the fine #Boston tradition of #Storrowing as we attended a North Shore Trunk of Treat celebration tonight. Two Bridges and a Dump Truck got a couple of laughs along the way. Happy Halloween #Storrowed — Mark Garfinkel (@pictureboston) October 28, 2023
My favorite two costumes from strangers in Boston last night.
I hope the MBTA couple make it — 𝕂𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕚 𝔸. 𝕃𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕤 (@KwaniALunis) October 29, 2023
That said, there was a particular viral Boston incident that inspired more than one Halloween getup — the infamous “Cop Slide” at City Hall Plaza. Couples seem to very much enjoy depicting the hapless officer and the instrument of his almost-demise.
On other fronts, sports costumes are always a favorite (mainly because you probably already have a jersey or two in your closet). But this year, they can also be frightening, at least as far as the Patriots’ record is concerned:
The scariest costume I’ve seen thus far
Mac Jones — Zach Brook (@ZBrook) October 29, 2023
And outside of city limits, you could do a lot worse than going as everyone’s favorite Route 1 Chinese eatery — if you can get through the door, that is.
Did you rock a Boston-themed costume this year? Send us a photo using the form below, or email it to [email protected], and we may feature in an update to this post.


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