House GOP Tries to Slash Buttigieg’s Salary to $1


House Republicans on Tuesday once again used one of the chamber’s rules to rebuke a member of the Biden administration, moving to reduce Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s salary to $1. The salary cut was passed via voice vote as an amendment to a 2024 spending bill, Politico reports. The Holman Rule allows members of the House to propose amendments for appropriations bills that essentially defund programs or federal workers; it was reintroduced in a rules package adopted in January, the Hill reports.
In September, the House used the rule to send a message to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and just like in that instance, Tuesday’s amendment was introduced by Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said Buttigieg “doesn’t do his job. It’s all about fake photo ops and taxpayer-funded private jet trip to accept LGBTQ awards for him.” The full House must still approve the amendment, at which point it’ll likely go nowhere, since the Democrat-controlled Senate is highly unlikely to approve it. As Politico explains, House Republicans’ spending bills, currently being debated ahead of next week’s government funding deadline, will need to be reconciled with the Senate. And as the Hill explains, House Republicans remain “at odds” over how to prevent a government shutdown. (Read more Pete Buttigieg stories.)


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