Lady truck driver, whose only 5’2 and 125 lbs, says men at truck stops cant get over by how small she is


When it comes to driving an 18-wheeler truck — there’s really no requirement other than one needing their commercial driver’s license, of course.
That’s why at just 5-foot-2, weighing only 125 lbs, this 22-year-old lady enjoys the hustle and bustle of being a truck driver.
“People don’t believe me because I’m pretty but look young, I’m short and weigh 125, they never see me at truck stops,” the woman, who goes by the name Kodi, said on TikTok.
Who wouldn’t turn their heads if they saw a pretty 5-foot-2 trucker perfectly back into a parking space at the gas station?
Kodi told viewers that she got her CDL, or commercial driver’s license, at 21, the legal age one is allowed to operate commercial truck vehicles outside of their home state.
The youngest age a person can receive their CDL, however, is 18 in the US.
The petite young lady, who has around 120,000 TikTok followers, jokingly admitted many truckers can’t help but make it known how shocked they are when seeing her behind the wheel.
“All I hear at truck stops: That’s you driving that 18-wheeler?” she said.
Kodi, who deems herself “girl trucker” in her bio, even posts clips on TikTok showing her curious viewers what it’s like on the job.
Kodi says a lot of people don’t believe she’s a trucker due to her looks and petite 5-foot-2 size. TikTok Kodi shows her viewers a day-in-a-life on the job, as she’s seen opening up the rear-end of a trailer. TikTok
One video shows her opening up the rear of a trailer and then making sure the rear end of the vehicle is secured before she hits the road.
The initial vid of her opening up the trailer has since garnered around 5.1 million views.
Kodi told her viewers she’s been driving for about a year now and has covered vast swaths of the country.
She’s already traveled to Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Montana, Washington State and Texas.
Kodi told viewers she got her CDL at 21, as she’s already traveled to Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Montana, Washington State and Texas. TikTok
Fellow truck drivers flooded her comment section with support and praise for the “mighty little” truck driver.
“Stay safe sweetheart, from a family of truckers. My grandson and nephew are out there now, in fact two nephews,” one supportive user said.
“I’ve been driving for 11 years, I’ve never seen this. You go girl!” another trucker commented.
Kodi shows herself driving a truck on the road for work. TikTok
One user couldn’t help but compliment Kodi on her looks, saying, “amazing, beautiful, sexy, hard-working woman — what more could you ask for?
“Im bouta drive trucks, you motivated me!” another cheerful person replied.



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