Mega BEAST: The electric school bus with the longest range – 300 miles


GreenPower Motor Company, a pioneering force in manufacturing purpose-built all-electric vehicles, has unveiled the Mega BEAST, marking a significant leap in the landscape of electric Type D school buses.
This introduction represents a remarkable advancement, revolutionizing the potential of school transportation with its extraordinary range and advanced technology, according to a company release.
Unraveling the Mega BEAST’s innovation
The Mega BEAST, an extended and enhanced version of the BEAST, redefines the conventional limitations of all-electric school buses. This 40-foot Type D school bus introduces a monumental change with its colossal 387 kWh battery pack, offering an unprecedented range of up to 300 miles (240 km) on a single charge. Michael Perez, Vice President of School Bus, Contracts, and Grants at GreenPower, accentuated its significance by stating, “The extended range of the Mega BEAST will help more school districts make the switch from NOx-emitting diesel buses to the GreenPower all-electric, zero-emission option that provides a safer, cleaner, and healthier ride for school kids.”


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