Michigan wants your thoughts in survey on funding roads, transportation


Michigan residents can share their thoughts on how to fund roads, bridges and other transportation in the state.
MDOT has launched a road usage charges survey, available until March 1, in partnership with Via Transportation, Inc. (Via) through funding provided through a federal grant. The survey seeks to understand Michiganders’ attitudes toward potential replacements for the state gas tax.
One possible funding tool is road usage charges, which means drivers would pay a few cents for each mile driven versus paying based on how much gas they buy. Charging based on miles driven could make the system fairer for drivers who cannot afford newer, more fuel-efficient cars, while also ensuring that the state continues to have the resources needed to maintain roads in the future as vehicles become more fuel efficient or rely on alternative fuels.
To participate, go to www.Michigan.gov/MIRoadCharge.
Editor’s note: The state was previously offering $10 gift cards for taking the survey, but has since ended the offer due to overwhelming demand.
Respondents must be a Michigan resident aged 18 or older and can take the survey only once. Qualifying survey participants will be invited to participate in a pilot demonstration this fall to help us understand how road usage charges could work in Michigan. If interested, please let us know when completing the survey. By participating in the pilot demonstration, you could be eligible for additional incentives ranging from $75 to $500. Participants should allow up to two weeks to receive a gift card. Gift cards will arrive by e-mail from rewards@tremendous.com with the subject “Michigan Department of Transportation sent you a gift card.” If a participant is having issues with the survey, please e-mail michiganroadcharge@gmail.com using the e-mail address that was provided when completing the survey.
The survey is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. Participants who require mobility, visual, hearing, written, or other assistance for effective participation should contact Orlando Curry at 517-241-7462 or CurryO@Michigan.gov. Forms are located on the Title VI webpage. Requests will be evaluated and honored to the extent possible.



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