New app brings freight brokerage into the 21st century


Freight brokerage has historically been characterized by costly overhead and littered with inefficiencies. This environment has led to suppressed carrier revenue and oversized shipper expenses. TRAUXIT has set out to change that.
“Our primary mission is to increase owner-operator pay by 7.5% average, while reducing shipping costs by the same,” TRAUXIT Chief Strategy Officer Kevin O’Brien said. “We’re building a shorter bridge between shippers and carriers and streamlining the process via the TRAUXIT app. We’re bringing freight brokerage to the 21st century.”
How TRAUXIT helps carriers
The TRAUXIT app is designed to help carriers – particularly owner-operators – bring in more revenue while simultaneously cutting down on some of the most common freight finding frustrations, including ghost loads and complicated pricing structures.
When owner-operators download the app, they will gain access to real-time loads with upfront pricing – without any costly gimmicks or strings attached.
TRAUXIT’s dedication to drivers goes beyond just getting their trucks loaded once, however. The company works to reduce deadhead by providing alternative load and delivery location options, further driving up revenue possibilities.
Once a load is delivered, TRAUXIT continues to support drivers with paperless bills of lading and proof of delivery solutions. Owner-operators can then access their money quickly via the TRAUXIT CASH app.
“TRAUXIT CASH offers secure and speedy financial transactions, with payments processed within two hours, setting a new industry standard,” according to the company’s website. “Integrated into the TRAUXIT ecosystem, this platform enhances efficiency, cash flow management and trust among stakeholders, reflecting TRAUXIT’s commitment to revolutionizing the freight industry.”
TRAUXIT, Chief Executive Officer Joe Stevens said, “Taking our far reaching support for drivers a step further, the company has launched TRAUXIT Shop, an e-commerce platform stocked with affordable, high-quality drivers essentials – from compression socks to truck organizers.”
The TRAUXIT app will feature a reward program that allows drivers to earn currency that can be used on the site, allowing them to stock-up on the things they need (and want) without spending their hard-earned cash.
How TRAUXIT helps shippers
The TRAUXIT app was not only created to help carriers make more money; it is also designed to help shippers reduce costs.
Some of the same things that ramp up driver earnings –– like providing alternative delivery location options and reducing idle time –– also benefit shippers by keeping their own operations running smoothly.
With the TRAUXIT app, shippers can also link loads to create a route, making it easy to make sure all the freight is moved in the most efficient ways possible.
Beyond operational gains, the TRAUXIT app also helps shippers unlock sustainability wins. The app accomplishes this in a couple of different ways, by reducing unnecessary paper usage and driving down fuel consumption via optimized routing options.
These combined benefits can help shippers drive down their carbon footprints. At a time when consumers are more aware of the climate crisis – and motivated by saving the planet – than ever before, the benefits of this cannot be overstated.
Ultimately, TRAUXIT is on a mission to modernize the trucking industry by introducing a technological offering that creates a win-win situation for carriers and shippers alike.
“We’re trying to pay more to those who move the world: drivers,” O’Brien said. “We’re in app registration mode, so that we can cover the contiguous U.S. when we push the go button on the app. Help us help the owner-operator make more of their hard-earned money, while helping shippers reduce their costs.”
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