NTSB report on Alaska Flight 1282 says key bolts missing when Boeing delivered jet


So what would happen if Trump were convicted?
Ankush Khadori games that out.
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During an appearance on CNN’s “Out Front” with Erin Burnett on Tuesday, the former prosecutor discussed what a potential sentencing process could look like should the 45th president be found guilty.
“So there would be a couple of months of a sentencing process immediately following the conviction,” he said. “Then there would be an appeal.”
That could be lengthy; possibly two to three years in these kinds of cases.
But Khadori believes the courts would move swifter given the stakes and unprecedented circumstances.
“In this particular case I would hope that if we get to that point that, you know, the Appellate Court and Supreme Court would be expediting their review,” he said. “Because obviously there would be an intense public interest in having appellate courts review that verdict for any potential defects or legal sufficiency.
“So that’s the ordinary course, like two, three years for the appellate chain of review; but I would hope, again, if that’s where this ends up that would move more quickly.”
Khadori published a feature in New York Magazine where he even scouted a possible landing spot for Trump: FPC Pensacola.
It is an all-male minimum-security facility that currently houses nearly 500 convicts and about an eight-and-a-half-hour drive from Mar-a-Lago that also boasts a track for jogging or walking and features facilities for basketball, volleyball, soccer and tennis.
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