Parkville voters approve marijuana, transportation taxes


PARKVILLE, Mo. — Parkville voters gave their approval to a 3% sales tax on marijuana products in Tuesday’s election.
Many other cities passed their 3% taxes in April.
Voters approved Parkville’s Proposition M at about 77% to 23%. Parkville’s Proposition M asked if the city could impose a 3% sales tax on recreational marijuana sales.
Three percent is the highest city sales tax a jurisdiction is allowed to collect under Missouri’s Amendment 3, which legalized recreational marijuana use for those 21 and older.
The state will also charge an additional 6% sales tax on all recreational marijuana purchases, and the regular sales tax for each jurisdiction still applies.
State records show there is one comprehensive marijuana dispensary in Parkville.
According to the Platte County election results, Parkville’s Proposition T passed by about 53% to 47% with over 500 voting in favor.
The use tax called Proposition T is similar to the Proposition U tax voters narrowly rejected in April.
It will put a 2.5% tax on out-of-state online purchases, to balance out the sales tax that would be collected if the purchase was made at a local establishment.
The use tax will fund road construction projects and improve Parkville’s sidewalks and trails.


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