Produce and ship: How Shared Truckload streamlines transportation efforts


The logistics industry has undergone a technological revolution in recent years, leading to a whirlwind of innovation and modernization. The freight industry’s options for shipping goods on pallets, however, have remained largely unchanged for the past several decades.
Historically, companies have had two shipping options: less-than-truckload or truckload. Both tend to require some level of sacrifice from the shipper.
When moving goods via LTL, shippers accept that unpredictable fees and frequent damages are par for the course. With truckload shipping, companies often have to choose between paying for empty space or delaying shipments until they have enough pallets to fill the truck.
Flock Freight exists to give shippers a third, more adaptable option.
“These limited options keep shippers in cycles of feast or famine which should no longer be the case,” Founder and CEO of Flock Freight Oren Zaslansky said. “We finally have an alternative — Shared Truckload — that offers quality, efficient service like never before. By pooling freight with Shared Truckload, you only pay for the space you need. Goods stay safe and terminal-free, driven in one truck by one driver all the way to their destination.”
FlockDirect uses real-time data to pool freight for multiple customers. The solution effectively dismantles the physical hub-and-spoke constraints that have defined the supply chain for more than a century. In its place, Flock created a modern, digital platform that gives customers access to the same truckload-level service regardless of how many pallets they need to ship.
“The technology Flock Freight has developed and patented with machine learning pools freight at a larger scale for multiple customers,” Zaslansky said. “Our proprietary algorithms find and fill the empty spaces in trucks, putting freight on the most efficient routes. Shared Truckload technology offers a new level of flexibility and efficiency that is changing the way we move goods. Now is the time to take advantage of it.”
In a rapidly changing industry, flexibility is more important than ever. The innovative technology that fuels FlockDirect enables the solution to instantly adapt to changing locations and shipment sizes. This provides users with the ability to ship worry-free, whenever and wherever they want.
Flock envisions a world without traditional shipping constraints, where customers can produce and ship goods as needed. In order to make this dream a reality, the company has developed solutions – including FlockDirect – specifically designed to eliminate bottlenecks by keeping inventory moving.
“If you want to maximize your profitability, don’t pay to ship air and don’t ship through a terminal or warehouse,” Zaslansky said. “Produce and ship direct point-to-point whenever possible.”
When shippers take advantage of Shared Truckload, they effectively capture the benefits of LTL and truckload shipping while mitigating the risks associated with both methods.
“If you’re shipping with less-than-truckload, you don’t need to keep sacrificing your margins to damages, delays and loss,” Zaslansky said. “If you’re shipping truckload, you don’t need to keep paying for the unused space on those trucks.”
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