SC Dept. of Transportation addresses road concerns on portion of Johns Island


JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) – State officials from the South Carolina Department of Transportation say they’re making changes to Brownswood Road and Southwick Drive beginning in the next week or two.
Some Johns Island drivers say road conditions on the island are becoming too dangerous. Weeds and dirt covering the road, guardrails left near the roadside and road signs that are becoming invisible are just some of the issues surrounding Brownswood Road and Southwick Drive.
Kelly Moore, a media representative from the South Carolina Department of Transportation, jumped on this issue and forwarded this to their team.
Drivers say weeds and dirt cover about 18 inches of Southwick Drive in a very sharp corner of the road making the road narrow on an already dangerous portion of the road. The road sign arrows are also nearly completely covered by weeds.
Residents say cars crash in the ditch there regularly. They claim they told SCDOT about this years ago, but no action was taken to improve road conditions.
On Brownswood Road, drivers say a crash that happened months ago left debris in the area, adding an old guard rail is still sitting on the bridge on the roadside and at night or in the rain it’s dangerous.
Moore says the South Carolina Department of Transportation is aware of both issues and is taking action to address both. Crews are anticipating working on the shoulder issue beginning in the next week or two on Southwick Drive and they’re actively working with a contractor to address the guardrail issue on Brownswood Road. Moore says they don’t have a schedule yet for the guardrail issue, however, it is in the works.
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