Ship OGRE completes acquisition of Brokerage and Transportation Sales


Pioneering brokerage and logistics technology provider Ship OGRE recently completed the acquisition of third-party logistics provider Brokerage and Transportation Sales Inc. (BTS). The merger includes integrating BTS into OGRE’s “Ship Like a Beast”’ platform, which simplifies operations, reduces costs and provides a seamless end-to-end experience from manufacturers to end customers.
Wes Queen, founder and CEO of OGRE, said in a press release, “With BTS’ wealth of expertise and esteemed standing as a dependable logistics ally, we are set to reinforce our mission to empower exceptional individuals and enterprises. The tangible results are clear: a staggering 250% surge in efficiency and customer loyalty.”
“In logistics, speed is king. Every second counts. Accurate speed matters. By eradicating errors, simplifying processes, and cultivating customer loyalty, OGRE is setting new standards for faster, more efficient operation,” said Queen.
Executive Vice President of BTS Dan Delano said: “Our integration with OGRE marks a significant evolution, allowing us to unveil an expanded suite of services and deliver unparalleled value to our clientele. Embracing the OGRE ethos has been transformative, and we’re excited about the strides we’ve made together.”
This is the third merger by OGRE, which continues to expand its portfolio and integrations with its proprietary software following the previous acquisition and integration of ShipTransportal. OGRE is looking to form additional partnerships with like-minded 3PLs as opportunities arise.
The company was founded by Queen and originally began as Simplified Logistic Solutions LLC (SLS) with a focus on outsourced shipping for small and medium-size companies that lacked the resources to manage their supply chains.
By 2014, Queen developed OGRE, a proprietary supply chain management platform to augment and enhance SLS. The simple, intuitive design allowed SLS employees and customers to ship freight faster and with better transparency compared to other platforms on the market.
The recent growth in mergers and acquisitions began in 2022 after OGRE developed an in-house M&A team. “OGRE’s momentum is evidenced not only by its continuous growth — maintaining 60% annual growth rates — but also by its operational proficiency, which outperforms industry standards by a factor of 3.5 to 5 times” added Queen.
The company’s ethos is built on a foundational principle of making shipping fast, effortless and painless, he said. “We exist to eliminate roadblocks, streamline processes, avoid mistakes and enhance decision-making — our platform remains cutting-edge because we use it to navigate the same logistical landscapes as our clients. We remain the most rigorous users, continuously stomping out wasted clicks, user speed bumps, pain points and mistake traps.”
OGRE is where software meets empathy, where technology meets tenacity, and where every shipment is a promise kept.
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