The Ram 1500 REV Is A Game-Changing Electric Pickup But Time May Be The Enemy


Pricing hasn’t been announced for the Ram 1500 REV, but prospective buyers should brace themselves. There is no universe in which this vehicle is going to be “cheap.” Rams aren’t cheap trucks to begin with, and exist on the higher end of the market — especially when you get into the luxury trims. Add in the enormous (and expensive) battery pack, and you’re probably looking at a class-leading price tag to match the class-leading range.
Combs wasn’t giving much away with regards to pricing, though Ram is clearly counting on a broad line-up to help ease the pain where possible. “Price is a purchase consideration for sure,” the marketing chief said, “and that’s why we’ll continue to offer that range of trims. The power of choice is gonna be a big thing for us, as we add to the lineup. We want to continue to give people the options they’re expecting from us.”
On the one hand, this is a class-leading vehicle, and there’s certainly an audience who’ll likely pay the — expensive — price for it. GMC’s six-figure Hummer EV is evidence of that. At the same time, though, Dodge is clearly making a statement with this truck: comparing it to the wildly-successful F-150 Lightning, and promising to demolish it in every department. Ford has arguably made that like-for-like comparison a little easier on Ram, with the F-150 Lightning no longer the $40k EV it launched at.
You also have to consider the Tesla Cybertruck, if it ever actually arrives. In terms of specs, it is one vehicle that could potentially go head-to-head with the Ram. In terms of pricing, things are currently up in the air. Musk has long promoted the distinctive pickup as something that could be reasonably priced, with the entry-level version initially pegged at under $40,000, but production needs to kick off before it can be considered a genuine alternative.



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