US airlines with the most delays and cancellations revealed


These airlines have taken a nosedive when it comes to punctuality.
A new report reveals which US flyers are putting up with the most delays and cancellations at a time when air travel is already chaotic.
Studying 2023 data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, NerdWallet calculated 10 airlines’ on-time arrival rates.
The analysis comes as the federal Department of Transportation announced that airlines must instantly give full cash refunds to passengers booked on canceled flights.
Arriving in last place is Frontier Airlines, which has only a 67% on-time record. The airline also had 30.71% of its flights delayed and 2.13% canceled.
Coasting narrowly above is JetBlue, ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the nation’s worst airline last year, due to struggles with on-time performance, delays, and signal issues at airports in the New York area. JetBlue had only a 67% on-time rate, with 30.4% delays and 2.1% cancellations.
3 Frontier Airlines had the worst on-time record last year of the largest American air carriers. REUTERS
Spirit Airlines placed seventh with an on-time percentage of 69.51%, 28.59% delays, and 1.7% cancellations.
Hawaiian Airlines came in sixth with 75.2% of its flights arriving on time, 23.41% delayed, and 1.3% canceled.
The top five starts with American Airlines and a 75.94% on-time record. Still, 22.74% of its flights experienced delays, and 1.06% were canceled.
Southwest Airlines soared into fourth place with 77.25% of timely flights. The airline had 21.55% delayed flights and an even 1% canceled.
3 JetBlue also tanked in the rankings. AP
United Airlines, which has seen a spate of mishaps in recent weeks, boasts a bronze medal for a 78.07% on-time record, with 20.27% delays and 1.4% cancellations.
In second place is the also embattled Alaska Airlines with 79.48% timeliness. It had 19.42% of its flights delayed and only 0.81% canceled.
Delta Air Lines took the cake at No. 1 with 82.61% on-time flights, 16.17% delays, and 1.02% of flights canceled.
Delta’s regional affiliate, SkyWest Airlines, also topped outside competitors with an 82.46% on-time showing, plus 16.01% delayed flights and 1.22% canceled.
When it comes to delays and cancellations, NerdWallet advises travelers to book the first flight of the day because the plane is already at the airport. Flights coming late from other destinations accounted for 7.38% of delays last year.
Avoiding connecting flights, which could be delayed, is another tactic — book non-stop flights when you can. And selecting an airline that flies your route several times per day is one way to mitigate damage from canceled flights, as you’ll likely be able to fly within the same day, NerdWallet recommends.
3 A new report revealed the US airlines with the most delays and cancellations. AP
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