Warning For Illinois Toyota And GMC Owners


Owners of some Toyota and GMC models are being urged to park their vehicles until a deadly issue with the airbags is fixed.
According to ABC7, the “urgent warning” is regarding the Takata airbags that have been blamed for the deaths of at least 26 people in the U.S. since 2009.
About 100 Million Airbag Inflators Have Been Recalled Globally
There have been 100 million inflators recalled around the world, and the dangerous malfunction also led to “the largest series of auto recalls in U.S. history,” according to ABC7.
Owners of over 60,000 vehicle owners are warned that the airbag inflators “are at risk of exploding and hurling shrapnel.”
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Some of the models that are at risk of malfunction and should be parked include:
2003-2004 Toyota Matrix and Corolla
2004-2005 Toyota Rav4
2003-2004 Pontiac Vibe
If the airbag deploys, a part inside is more likely to explode and shoot sharp metal fragments, which could cause serious injury or death to the driver or passengers -Toyota statement from ABC7 report
How to Check to See If Your Vehicle is Being Recalled
BMW and Dodge have also put out urgent messages to owners about the potential of an airbag malfunction.
The United States Department of Transportation has an online resource where you can enter the VIN to confirm if your vehicle is on the list of being recalled.
According to the NHTSA, there was a separate group of defective Takata airbags was recalled in late 2019. “Unlike the airbag inflators in the larger Takata recalls, this recall involves non-azide driver inflators.”
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