White Paper: State of the Industry – June 2024


The June 2024 “State of the Industry Report” — presented in affiliation with Ryder — shares an in-depth overview across the trucking, maritime and intermodal markets, as well as what to expect in the coming weeks. The data contained within the report provides breakdowns of capacity, volumes and rates as we enter into the first quarter.
In this report, you will find:
Truckload market is responding to outside influences as rejection rates rise thanks to International Roadcheck and Memorial Day weekend.
Intermodal pricing remains under pressure, but volumes have continued to rise despite a smaller discount than the historical average when compared to truckload rates.
Ocean spot rates have spiked as carriers have been effective in controlling available capacity as volume remains fairly stable.
Inflation remains a hot topic and the Federal Reserve remains hesitant to change interest rates until later in the year.
Consumer credit conditions are flashing yellow as delinquency rates are on the rise for credit cards and consumers are searching for value anywhere they can find it.
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