White Paper: State of the Industry – October 2023


The October 2023 “State of the Industry Report” — presented in affiliation with Ryder — shares an in-depth overview across the trucking, maritime and intermodal markets, as well as what to expect in the coming weeks. The data contained within the report provides breakdowns of capacity, volumes and rates.
In this report, you will find:
Freight demand hit a year-to-date high in the week following Labor Day, suggesting a modest return to seasonal trends.
Having been the primary driver of disinflation for several months, rising energy prices now present the largest upside risk to another rise in inflationary pressures.
Maritime peak season appears to have been pushed up earlier in the calendar this year, promising stable volume trends for the coming months.
Last year’s threat of a rail strike has finally stopped bearing on intermodal demand, as the market has come into alignment with seasonality.
The labor market continues to broadcast conflicting signals that could point to a surprising weakness, while the transportation segment appears to have been majorly impacted by the August bankruptcy of a national LTL carrier.
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