Experts unpack ATA’s latest campaign to boost industry’s image


The American Trucking Associations’ newly launched “Nothing Without Trucking” campaign is an effective and thoughtful rebranding of ATA’s efforts to enhance the industry’s image, experts say.
The multiyear, nationwide initiative aims to educate policymakers about the important role trucking plays in Americans’ lives, according to a news release from the organization. The campaign launched at ATA’s Mid-Year Management Session in San Antonio with a promotional video and a new website for industry supporters to share their stories.
“There are countless real, human stories of those who sacrifice their time for our comfort,” the website states. “Whether it’s the holidays or the middle of the night, truckers guarantee we get every want and need. The men and women who work in the trucking industry are the unsung heroes who keep the heart of America beating strong.”
FreightWaves reached out to Lane Kidd, managing director of truck safety advocacy group Trucking Alliance, and P. Sean Garney, co-director at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, for insights on why ATA started rebranding its image campaign now.
“ATA has launched many image campaigns dating back to the 1990s,” Kidd told FreightWaves. “And this latest ‘Nothing Without Trucking’ looks really effective. [The video] is exceptionally produced. Public opinion eventually creates public policy, and if the industry is willing to pony up the dollars to finance a paid media image campaign, no question the public will respond well to this latest messaging.”



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