New Qmerit Solution Gives EV Buyers Easy Access to Home Charging Incentives


Helps Automakers, Dealers & Fleet Managers Connect EV Drivers with Public Programs to Offset Home Charging Installation Costs
IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Qmerit, the leading provider of installation services for EV charging and other electrification technologies, today announced an enhancement to its digital services platform for automakers, dealerships and fleet managers that seamlessly integrates available public incentives into the price-estimating process for EV home charging installation. This new feature can accelerate EV adoption by helping retail buyers and home-based fleet drivers take advantage of government and utility programs offering rebates, tax credits and other financial incentives for Level 2 charging installation.
Qmerit’s digital services platform provides automakers, dealerships and fleet managers with a co-branded portal where their customers and drivers can request a proposal for Level 2 home charging installation. With Qmerit’s new incentive functionality, each upfront estimate will include information on available federal, state and local incentives, helping homeowners make a more informed decision.
This enhancement means that in addition to the convenience Qmerit has always provided, automakers, dealerships and fleet managers can now link their customers and drivers to benefits such as federal tax credits, rebates from states, counties and municipalities, and charging discounts from utilities. The system can even point homeowners to local managed charging programs that help them save on their electrical bills while alleviating strain on the grid.
“Utilities and other entities are offering millions of dollars in incentives for home EV charging, but it’s a complex landscape that’s constantly shifting, making it tough for EV buyers to identify all available opportunities,” said Ken Sapp, Qmerit senior vice president of business development. “Our new solution makes it easy for EV drivers to find the home charging incentives that apply to them at every level—federal, state and local. It’s not only good for individual customers, but for addressing a broader awareness gap when it comes to EVs and mass adoption.”
According to Consumer Reports’ 2022 Battery Electric Vehicle & Low Carbon Fuel Survey , 48% of Americans who haven’t owned an EV have never heard of any EV incentives. Only 33% are aware of tax rebates and discounts at the time of purchase or lease, and just 17% know that discounts are available to offset the cost of home charger installation.
“This effort represents one more way that Qmerit is bringing together stakeholders across the EV ecosystem to make the transition away from internal combustion vehicles easier for everyone,” said Tom Bowen, president of Qmerit Solutions. “By helping automakers, dealerships and fleet managers connect their customers and drivers with available incentives, Qmerit continues to support the shift to a new, more sustainable era of electrified transportation.”
Qmerit’s integrated incentive function has been deployed across the company’s digital services platform nationwide. Automakers, dealerships and fleet managers that already use Qmerit to provide seamless home charging installation experiences for their customers and drivers will find the enhancement automatically incorporated into their solution. All they need to do is continue sending EV customers and drivers to their installation portal, through a link or a QR code that can be scanned at the dealership. Depending on factors such as where they live and their home setup, homeowners could see their charging installation costs defrayed by up to 100%.
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